Steps to Surviving an Emergency Situation

Our everyday life makes us accustomed to having the basic necessities readily available. They may not always be available to us, so we need to be prepared. An accident that forces us to need to survive can happen to anyone. If you focus on the right things, you can survive. If you are lost or stranded, you will be glad if you told someone where you were going before you left. No one will know you are missing if they don't know how long you were going to be gone. You should also tell them the route you were going to get to your destination so they know where to start looking if you are missing. Learn more about  survival tips , go here. 

Most people forget what they need to do mentally in an emergency situation. You should try to stay positive as much as possible because your attitude will affect everything you are doing. Don't be frantic and try to breath slowly to avoid panicking and making everything worse. If you are looking for good things around you, you will be more likely to see solutions to your problems. You want to make sure you keep everything you have because you never know when it might come in handy. You should also take inventory of what you have so you know all your assets when solving a problem. Find out for further details on  survival gear right here.

Shelter is one of your top priorities. Caves or overhangs on rocks are great natural shelters. You may have to build one out of branches or other resources if this is not an option. You can find comfortable and warm bedding in piles of pine needles. Water is another big priority. Any freshwater you find, you should always boil before drinking. You may even have to build a rainwater catcher or water still if there isn't enough fresh water.

You will become lethargic and grumpy if you put off eating for too long. Your situation will get worse very quickly if this is the case. You need more than one food source since you need a variety of nutrients to be healthy. Protein will boost energy levels, so make sure that is included in your diet. Fire is also something you should know how to make from the many ways to make fire. This will enable you to stay warm, cook food, ward off predators, and see at night.

You will be glad in an emergency situation if you are carrying a multi-tool or pocket knife. You should not forget to try and be rescued as well. Use your resources to build a signal fire or write out a message with branches or stones. You can also signal people from a distance with a reflective surface. Civilizations can often be found if you follow a river, path, or mountain range. Take a look at this link for more information.